The Beginning…

Hello and welcome to the RV Living blog.  My name is Leah Spencer.  My husband, Damon, and I started our RV Living journey in April 2015.  Let’s just say it’s been an adventure…

We purchased our travel trailer for quite a bargain.  I strongly suggest shopping around when searching for your RV/travel trailer.  We also had to purchase a truck that could pull the travel trailer.  Again, we got a bargain on the truck too.  Caution: as with any bargain, there are always going to be issues too.

We chose to move from Iowa to Colorado for health reasons and decided to sell the home and buy a truck and travel trailer.  Keep in mind, you will have to downsize A LOT! We sold so much at our yard sale and donated a lot to a church too. It was stressful at first to see so many years of accumulated stuff being sold or given away but in the end, it was so full-filling to see all of that “stuff” be gone.

Luckily we had friends already living in Colorado so we moved our stuff out there first with a U-haul and put it into storage since we had no idea where we were going to end up living.  Since we were at the mercy of selling our home and waiting for funds, we had to act fast getting our stuff moved out to Colorado since we needed the funds to purchase the travel trailer.

After finally purchasing our travel trailer, our trip out to Colorado was quite the adventure.  We chose to drive straight through.  On our way, the truck was eating oil and it lost drive power. Thank God for Exhaust Pros in Kearney, Nebraska for fixing our catalytic converter an hour before closing so we could get back on the road. Finally, we arrived in Colorado to our friends home.

Now you might think finding an RV spot is an easy task. It is, if you pull your RV into Colorado in the fall. But, finding an RV spot in the spring in Colorado is not an easy task.  After calling every RV park in the Colorado Springs area, we learned that RV spots fill up fast and not all will allow all year round living.  So then we chose to call some of the local mobile home parks.

Luckily we were able to find one mobile home park, Cheyenne Mountain Estates, that had one spot left with breathtaking mountain views.  It was nice to see other RV/travel trailers in the park as well.  Honestly – everything happens for a reason – the mobile home park was cheaper and it also has a swimming pool.  But, it doesn’t have the amenities of an RV park (laundry, showers, free Wi-Fi/cable at some, etc).  However, if you plan on staying at your mobile home park site permanently,  it is possible to have a landline/internet connection directly to the RV along with satellite connections for cable tv.  There is also a laundromat not to far into town.

Our utilities breakdown so far this year:
Lot rent: $325
Water: $22 (minimum 1000 gallon – we never meet the minimum)Electric: $80 summer $200 winter (electric heaters going along with heat lamps for underneath – will discuss in a later blog)
Propane: $40 (this is an average – our travel trailer has the option of switching the water heater & refrigerator from propane to electric) – cooking and heating with propane.

***If you have the ability to afford the up-front costs, you could produce some of your electricity from solar panels or wind turbines to live completely off of the grid***

So – the lesson: BE PREPARED! We thought we were prepared having extra funds but those quickly dwindled with unexpected repairs.  Make sure your vehicle and travel trailer is road ready!  Have an RV spot reserved in advance.